Tuesday, November 15, 2011

new blog.

Hey guys.. I stopped posting through this blog last year but just thought I would let the couple people know that were following I have a new bog. Its a music blog and can be found here:


check me out over there if you're into it :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I know there are a lot of people with a lot of reason for disliking the Olympics. But I am hugely passionate about sport, and I genuinely love the Olympics. Yes they are overly commercialized, politicized, hyped etc etc, but welcome to our World. Thas the way things are these days. Being Canadian, and being alive to see a second Winter Olympic Games hosted by my country is incredibly exciting for me. I thought the opening ceremonies with the exception of the hydraulics problem and the 10 minute drive for Gretzky through downtown to light the cauldron, were among the best I've ever witnessed.

I tend to get a little bit emotional when it comes to sports. You could place money on the fact that I will generally cry when the Stanley Cup gets hoisted, and Im still having a pretty tough time every time i think about the Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, and the absolutely horrific way he died after spending a good deal of his young life preparing for this one moment. From a Country that has had more than its fair share of difficulties, and to then not even get to the actual competition. Ok now Im all teary again.. see. I just really hope that the remainder of the games go smoothly. A lot of what I have read since the crash is really tearing up Canadian Officials for making the track too fast, and not allowing other countries an opportunity to see the track before the games (which they are allowed to do). Even a quote from a multiple World Cup Champion and Canadian Luger who was "terrified" of going down it, even before this tragedy. I hope they are able to slow it down and make it safer for the athletes.

I also havent said anything on here for a while and I want to note that its been a pretty bad couple weeks with regards to people dying. For those of you that don't know Brendan Burke, he was the youngest son of hockey management icon Brian Burke, and was a young man who had just publicly come out in november. A pretty big deal because hes a student manager for the top ranked US College hockey team, and had very attainable aspirations of working in the front offices of the NHL. Its a bit more personal for me because when I finished high school I went into a Sports Management program in University, this was 12 years ago and things were a little bit different then. I didnt see any way that I could be who I am, and have the life in sports that I wanted. So I left school. After Brendan came out I emailed him and we became friends on facebook. I just wanted him to know how important i thought the inroads he was making were. Brendan died, along with a friend, in a car crash in Indiana. I could really go on for a very long time about this subject cuz its also become a hot topic on Wikipedia. People have flagged the entry about him on Wikipedia for deletion because they don't think he was significant enough to merit having a wikipedia page. It absolutely disgusts me and enrages me that people can take ownership over what is supposedly a user submitted online encyclopedia. Brendan's accomplishments have made huge inroads for gay athletes, and I know that in 5 or 10 years when i predict things will be very very different for gay men in organized team sports at a professional level, they will owe it to Brendan. So fuck you Wikipedia!! [side note:His dad is the GM of the USA Olympic Hockey team, and of the Toronto Maple Leafs] Add to that Alexander McQueen, fashion icon, who took his own life a couple days ago, I guess that its not too surprising I'm feeling a little extra emotional. Oh and I turn 30 in 7 days.

Ok happier things. How awesome was it to see Wayne Gretzky get to light the flame? The greatest hockey player of all time, my favorite player of all time. Now I cant wait for the hockey to start. The women play today and i think the men start on thursday.
We have a program inplace in Canada called "Own the podium". There has been a lot of money and other forms of support put into our athletes and we are expected to bring home a record amount of medals. Go Canada!!!!!! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

gay hockey is gay

I saw this pic and thought it would be an appropriate start to today.. since i play on a gay hockey team and nothing remotely close to this ever happens!

wow. one week into trying to not eat meat on fridays and i fucked it up already! oh well.

so its been a pretty solid week. My mom offered to lend me the money to pay for a lawyer so my husband can get legal status here in Canada. Normally you wouldnt need a lawyer really, but well we kinda screwed some stuff up and now we do. So that pretty much makes me really happy cuz well, hes an expensive bugger to have around and i guess it sounds kinda selfish but subsidizing is getting annoying. Think it'll really make both of our lives a hell of a lot easier when he can legally work. And it will really help me save cash for the hockey tournament in Germany in August. its actually not just a hockey tournament. its sorta like the gay olympics haha. Its pretty awesome though. I went to the World OutGames in Montreal 3 years ago and you really do meet guys from all over the world. hot athletic ones too! ya ya i know im married. anyways lots of parties, its all my favorite things rolled into one: hot guys, sports, travelling, and partying. Hmm the only thing missing from that list is eating, but that sorta happens all on its own i guess. There are 2 different organizations that do these.. the Gay Games, and the World Out Games. Gay games has beena round since like the 80s or something but there is allegedly mis-use of funds and things... im not sure realy but i know something was up and people werent happy so Mark Tewksbury(Former olympic silver medallist in swimming, from Canada) started the Out Games to rival it> SO ya i did the first one of those, and now we decided to try the gay games so we would have an extra year to save some cash...the out games were last summer in Copenhagen.

Oh so Im a waiter, hubby is as well. and our respective restaurants are across the street from each other. perfect... So ya i went over to his place for a beer after work last night only to find out that earlier all the power cut out. no ovens, no machines to punch in orders, no lights! hahaha man what a disaster. apparently a few customers who didnt have cash just basically got up and walked out without paying for anything.. which for the record would suck.

I was feeling pretty tempted to go out after i finish work tonight to this big party with a bunch of awesome DJs called Love Music but i've decided its actually a bad idea. i'll end up spending lots of money that im supposed to be saving for my trip... oh and i have to work tomorrow. so, ya i hate working the day after a big party cuz i would obviously be a bit of a disaster.

Monday, January 18, 2010

meat free mondays

Ok so it has been brought to my attention by some friend of mine that the volume of meat i consume is likely not the best idea. What can I say... I like me some meat(no pun intended boys). So I have decided to do Meat Free Mondays & Fridays. For 2 days every week i will not eat any meat. I started on Friday no problem... and today I also managed to not eat any meat. i was about to make that spaghetti sauce i mentioned in my last post but i decided against it cause I would totally end up snacking on some sauce. So im moving spaghetti sauce craziness til Tuesday when I can officially break in the slow cooker some guy left at my house...wow. I sound like my mother. shit. i guess that does really happen eh? So this picture is exactly what I am going to be avoiding every Monday and Friday...but honestly... 7 beef patties? Give it up burger king!

The thing is though... Im like a pretty active guy. I went to the gym today and I played hockey too so I have a lot of food related energy needs... and its hard to replace and nourish this body of mine on vegetables alone... but I ate dinner twice tonight to make up for it... and had a Guiness after :) mmmm beeer. thank god thers no meat in beer or I'd be screwed.

Now that im back at the gym I fully intend to take full advantage of this and actually get some real results. I picked up Men's Health last month and it has this guy Sean Faris on the cover So Im aiming for something closer to that... Im currently about 6'0, 160 lbs.... and its hard for me to pack on weight but Im going to try and get to like 170 by the summer and eventually 180, so if anyone has some really good diet, or i guess the opposite of diet since im trying to get bigger, tips or work out regimes that work for them... feel free to lemme in on your secret.

I dont know if anyone saw the hit from the QMJHL by Patrice Cormier(Team Canada's World Junior Captain) well it wasnt even a hit, it was a dirty cheap shot elbow and the kid he hit was down on the ice twitching and stuff, currently hospitalized with brain trauma. Hes possibly looking at being banned for the remainder of his junior career. stupid. Lucky for him hes already been drafted by the devils. Heres the hit, its from the Quebec junior league hence the French.


Video: Victoria Salmon Kings Score Potential ECHL Goal of the Year -- NHL FanHouse

This has got to be one of the coolest goals I have ever seen.. I just saw it on SportsCentre. It was in the ECHL last night..which I always assumed stood for the East Coast Hockey League, but if theres a team in Victoria BC well then thats not very Eastern now is it! Anyways these guys will be laughing about this goal for the rest of their lives for sure..the guys that got made to look like pylons likely wont be though.

SO i went down to play some shinny during the all ages time and when i got there the zamboni was on. When it got doen and we finally got out on the ice we only got to play for 30 minutes and then the people in charge of the ice made the 12 or so guys that were out there get off so that 2 people could go for a leisurely skate. I get it they should have their time on the ice too... but the zamboni cut into our time by 30 minutes so then they should have just bumped it all back 30 minutes... right? blah anyway. Im going to make a huge batch of saghetti sauce tonight and Im kinda excited about it. lol. Ive never made a big batch of a sauce to have around before so i plan on making it awesome.

and then Im going to the gym. Im trying to get back in shape and like im pretty lucky cuz im naturally thin and stuff but i miss having muscles. hopefully it wont take too long.. my wrist feels pretty much better so gonna give it a go. I hope to be in the best shape of my life for when I go to Germany this summer for the Gay Games!! I cant wait.im going to have to save a lot of money but my team has done some pretty good fundraising so far. I'm going for ice hockey, and hoping to do better than the 2006 games in Montreal. We finished 4th, which im still a bit bitter about. It was a very even tournament and honestly anyone could have won. but we lost in the semi finals 1-0 against Montreal on a shot that went in from centre ice. GARBAGE! and then after losing that game we didnt really show up at all for the bronze game and got beat like 6-1 or 8-1 or something by a team from New Hampshire or something. But if im flying all the way to friggin Germany we better at least get into the final game. The tournament is in the summer from july31st to August 7th in Cologne, Germany. Anyone out there from Germany? I'll be needing some tour guides :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

back off... he's mine!

This is from a game last night in Edmonton. My Penguins came back from being down 2-0 to beat the Oilers 3-2 by scoring all the gooals in like 5 mins in the 3rd. This guy is taking a clue from some chick in Calgary who proposed to Sidney Crosby from the stands the night before. Clearly they havent heard that he is in fact betrothed to me.

Well it was my first game back with my team last night. As I mentioned earlier i've had a wrist injury for a few months but it felt great to get out there. I was worried I would be relly out of shape.. and I guess by my standards I am, but I dont thinkg i looked out of place. I had like 4 good scoring chances including a full on breakaway from centre ice in but didnt put any of them away, so i guess my touch is a little rusty. hehe

Today im getting back to the gym o hopefully be a couple weeks and Im back into atleast ok shape. Im lucky because i have fairly good muscle memory from being in ok shape my whole life so it doesnt usually take me long to atleast *look* like im in shape.

I turn 30 next month. I dont really know what i should do for it. My hubby is asking what i wanna do like have a big party or something but im not too sure. I guess something fun is in order! its a bit of a milestone afterall :)

ok i gotta do laundry before i head to the dentist and the gym.

later :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So this is pic is actually from last winter. The city of Toronto has loads of outdoor rinks that are pretty well maintained and I went down one afternoon to the Christie Pitts one which is pretty close to me, and there wasnt a single person there. Gorgeous sunny day and a big clean sheet just for me. Anyways, I havent been able to play on my team since September because I've had a nagging wrist injury which seems to be finally gone, so this afternoon I thought I'd go down to Christie again and go for a skate and fire the puck around a bit. for the first hour there was just me and this guy there but then out of nowhere these 10 guys showed up and we had a few wicked games. I was the only one to score on the goalie who I actually work with so that was pretty sweet. Ended up bustin around for 2 hours and man am I feeling it now. my back and my muscles are killin me. Ive been so inactive since i hurt myself... but I have my first game back tomorrow night, should be interesting. I already warned my teammates that I'm probably going to be useless defensively.

I guess I havent really posted since before New Years... Im going to have to try to get better at this! New years was pretty dope. Some friends and I went for dinner where my hubby works and then had planned on having like 5 or 6 people over for drinks after... well uhhh those 5 or 6 people turned into like 25 or so and I had a pretty bumpin party going until 6am HAHAHA. it was actually a lot of fun.. the clean up not so much... Anyways after the party wound down a bunch of us went to my favorite afterhours club here in Toronto and kept the party going WELL into the new year. :)

Later peeps.